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Satellite Option

LTE Towers

Best Option - when in range and good line-of-site to tower

2nd Option - when out of range of a tower

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brings you High Speed

rural internet

Here are what some of our customers have to say about our new LTE service:

    “I can’t believe how fast it is.”  Beth,  Wiseton

    “Awesome. Night and day difference. Instantly load. A win win.” Keith, Outlook

    “Working great. Love it. Way faster than the competition.” Landon, Conquest

          LTE Unlimited Data Plans

               1 . High Speed Rural Internet.

               2. Truly Unlimited Data with no speed throttling.

1Check the Price page for current offerings. Taxes apply on all plans. Monthly service fee includes rental cost of equipment, except Xplornet Wi-Fi router, if desired. 2Speed online may vary based on Internet traffic, servers, computer/router configurations and other factors. Internet Traffic Management Policies apply, see 3To watch with Netflix, a Netflix streaming membership is required. NetflixTM is a trademark of Netflix, Inc. 4A router is required for multiple users. 5Plans are subject to network availability at your location. Site check fee may apply. If installation requirements go beyond the scope of a basic installation, additional fees apply. See dealer for details. Xplornet® is a trade-mark of Xplornet Communications Inc. © 2019 Xplornet Communications Inc.