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Constellation Internet brings you XPLORNET's fast wireless LTE internet with unlimited data to Saskatchewan!

with SPEEDS up to 25Mbps

+ up to UNLIMITED data

(where available)

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Best Option - when in range and good line-of-site to tower

2nd Option - when out of range of a tower

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brings you High Speed

rural internet

ALERT!   The Conquest Tower is now alive.

1) Call us to get in the Order Que (306) 831-8015

   Help us get you into the order que.

   Please Email us at the following:

   1. Your name

   2. Phone Number

   3. e-mail Address

   4. Mailing Address with postal code

   5. Land Location if rural, or street address if in town.

   6. If you are an exisiting Xplornet customer, your account number

   7. If you are not an existing Xplornet customer, what internet service do you have? Sasl Tel Fusion or other or none?

   8. What LTE service would you desire from the above: 5, 10 or 25 Mbps (all unlimited data plans).