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With the COVID-19 Virus, many people are now working from home.

This excessive usage is causing a heavier than usual load on the internet.

The internet backbone is saturating, resulting in virtually all internet service providers providing lower speeds.

The most substantial load seems to be after supper when people are watching Netflix or Youtube.

Video is by far the heaviest data use on the internet and causing most of the load.

Some customers are experiencing buffering. (Pauses in the video)

It appears that the slowdown is proportional to your subscribed speed. For Example:

If you have a 10 Mbps subscription, you may only get 3 Mbps of actual speed.

Someone with a 5 Mbps subscription may only get 1.5 Mbps.

Likewise, someone with a 25 Mbps subscribed speed may get 7.5 Mbps.

The above is only an example, and data rates can vary.

Some of our customers are upgrading their speed to get better service. If you wish to upgrade your speed, call Xplornet Customer Care at 1-866-841-6001

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Other things you can do:

Setting the Video Quality of Netflix and Youtube can make a big difference, especially if you have satellite service. You can dramatically extend your maximum download speed before hitting your throttled data limit.

For example, HD 1080 uses 3GB per hour. With a 100 GB satellite plan, this is only about 30 hours of video per month.

480P uses about 0.7 GB per hour, extending your hours of video to about 120 hours.