Tower Solutions

Tower Solutions

with SPEEDS up to 50Mbps


(where available)

- Broderick (Summer of 2020)

- Conquest

- Dinsmore

- Elbow

- Elrose

- Eyebrow

- Fiske

- Gardner Dam Terminal (Strongfield)

Towers are the best option if you are in range and have a good line-of-site clear of trees, hills, and other obstacles. Typical ranges may be up to 30 km, but can vary.

The Tower locations include:

Towers are often several kilometers outside a town.

- Hanley

- Kenaston

- Macrorie

- Purdue

- Riverhurst

- Rosetown

Satellite Solutions

ViaSAT Satellite

with SPEEDS up to 5, 10 or 25Mbps

+ up to Extend Data

(where available)

The ViaSAT Satellites can provide internet in some areas that are not reachable by tower.

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