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Questions and Answers

Q: Can I suspend my service?

A: Yes. Xplornet has a "Temporary Suspend Program" that allows you to suspend your service for up to 6 months per year. This program can be used once per year.

The monthly cost of your suspended service is:

   $30 per month for Satellite or,

   $20 per month for LTE.

Click here for more details.

To suspend your service, call Xplornet Customer Care at: 1 (866) 841-6001


Q: Can I refer a new customer?

A: Yes, as long as the referral in not an existing Xplornet customer.

Constellation Internet will pay you a finders fee of $50 for each new referral of Xplornet's LTE or Satellite internet service to a new customer.

Payment would be issued within one week upon the successful completion of the installation by Constellation Internet.

The customer must have their installation completed within 30 days of the referral.

To provide a referral, call Constellation Internet at 1 (306) 831-8015


Q. LTE or Satellite?

LTE is better and less expensive than Satellite. It costs upwards of $1 billion to build and launch a satellite into orbit so it costs more to recover the costs.

The only reason a Satellite would be used instead of LTE is that there is no clear Line-Of-Site to the tower or you may be out of range.  Hills, trees, and buildings are common obstructions preventing a LOS to a tower. There may be work-arounds to get LTE as explained in the next question below.

The Satellite also has data limits, after which the service slows down. LTE has unlimited data.


Q. I am working from home and need to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Can I do that?

A. Yes, you can. VPN on a Satellite, however, is extremely slow due to high latency for the signal to get to the Satellite and back since the Satellite is very far away in Earth orbit.

Even with fast 25 Mbps Satellite speeds, the VPN performance is extremely slow. Standard things like browsing or watching videos work fine on a Satellite. It is just the VPN that is extremely Slow.

Many of my customers who do not have a direct Line-Of-Site (LOS) to an LTE tower use Radio Relay links to get LTE service. If you have a friendly neighbour that has LOS to an LTE tower and you have LOS to the neighbour, we can mount the LTE on the neighbours property and relay the signal to you. Xplornet does not provide this service, but we can at an extra cost. Call Constellation Internet at (306) 831-8015.

If you do not have a neighbour but have a property that can get LOS to a tower, and also have LOS from your house to that property, we can provide a solar-powered Radio Relay link. Again this is not covered by Xplornet and is a service we can provide at an extra cost.  

These Radio Relay links are usually limited to 8 km, but higher-powered units can provide extended range.

LTE is the best way to go if you need to use a VPN. In the long run, it is less expensive than Satellite as well; typically taking two to five years to offset the higher cost of Satellite service.

To provide these Radio Relay solutions, contact Constellation Internet at (306) 831-8015.


Q. How do I Activate my Home Phone

A. Please click on this video link: